Manned Guarding

manned guardingManned Guarding Whether you need a constant front of house presence for your corporate premises or gatehouse security for industrial and construction sites we can supply the right personnel to suit your needs.

All security staff possess the skills and knowledge to provide both preventative and reactive security measures. They are able to rapidly respond to any situation with efficiency and discretion. Our static guarding service is supported by one of the best monitoring systems and comprehensive operating procedures. We carefully select personnel to suit your individual needs and requirements to ensure they are the right fit for your organisation.





Assignment Instructions Our guards are given comprehensive assignment instructions which are created specifically for your site.

  • These are created in consultation with you and in conjunction with a thorough security audit.
  • The instructions cover every possible situation that may need to be dealt with along with additional important information such as the location of the main services, important contact details and emergency procedures.

Central Control Room Our guards are monitored by a central control room, equipped with modern innovations in security and computer technology.

  • Manned by professional, dedicated security teams who ensure our guards arrive on time and carry out their duties according to their assignment instructions, our control room operates 24/7.
  • All of our guards must log in to the control centre on arrival at site via dedicated landline telephone numbers.
  • We can also use QR readers to confirm that patrols have taken place. Guards simply scan the QR code which is permanently affixed at specific locations and is cross checked via GPS coordinates.

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